Drowned And Resurfaced


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1. the storm
2. make my day
3. all we have
4. where we'll stand
5. raising dust
6. deadbeat society
7. carved names


released July 30, 2011



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FINAL EFFORT Leisnig, Germany

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Track Name: the storm

So if you have got something to say,
then you better say it now.
There is nothing you can do to make it change.
We're making up ground.
The distance grows with every step, no matter what.
Hope grabs us by the hand.
Put on your shoes, this is your life.
I'll go my way, it's not paved with lies.
I promise you. I will speak to you again soon.
Track Name: make my day

There are nights in which deep thoughts don’t let me sleep,
reminding me that we're responsible for what we do.
Once again they keep on singing,
dancing straight through my head.
It is those nights where I'm writing down what concerns me.
And all these things I've never said,
pent-up, deep inside my restless chest,
They all melt together to phrases which mean so much to me.
But why I'm looking for answers I already know?
Prudent views I have caught.
Ran away from grandpa's heart, while we compared our notes.
His words I'll never forget...
“We're the ones that have nothing to hide.
Aren't afraid of proving ourselves,
in a world that doesn't see us.
Always have something to look forward to.
No one else is going to do it for you.
That's what matters the most.
The sun will rise each day
and we grow with each choice we make.
The sun will rise each day. I'm sure.
The sun will rise each day. So make every second count.
The sun will rise each day.”
This certainty let me sleep.
Track Name: all we have

Hold on to what you believe, no one can take it away.
Please let me know, you'll never let it go.
I guess it's all we have.
But since the day I have learned the truth,
nothing will ever be the same.
It feels like I have destroyed everything
I ever believed in.
And I don't give a fuck.
I don't give a fuck, there's nothing to regret.
How can I miss what has never existed?
Track Name: where we'll stand

Where we'll stand and what we will see,
depends on who we want to be.
We try to find ourselves,
stepping into footsteps of someone else.
But your eyes are still too fucking blind.
Don't even spy obvious signs.
The rage that I don't want to say
somehow comes out anyway.
So I will not save my breath until my death.
Don't expect a sorry from me
when you're stranding astray.
Stop blaming others for your own silent decay.
I'll scream, that’s what I’ve always done.
I'll scream. I know where I belong.
Maybe you will never make sense of it.
But I'm glad that I can count on friendship.
They won't succeed in teaching me how
to live my own fucking life.
But always opened my eyes when
I was sure that I will not get by.
The ice's getting thinner and still it's not about me.
Look into the mirror and tell me where's your sincerity.
I'm not ashamed to see who I am today.
I'm not ashamed to see where I stand today.
I'm not ashamed to say,
that I'm proud, who I am today.
I'm not ashamed to say,
that I'm proud, where I stand today.
While you fade away.
Track Name: deadbeat society

Let's stop pretending, I built those walls
just to save me from clarity.
It's such a shame when things turn out to
be something else than they should be.
For what we breath, one day we'll find.
Unless we are fucking dead inside.
Still marching, chasing our intentions.
Keep searching, slowly approaching the end.
This is... You can be sure.
This is what we stand for.
Deadbeat society,
we are the change we want to see.
They think with their heads,
don't act with their hearts.
Forget to make the most of what they've got.
Honestly, I just can't understand
The reason to take something for granted.
And I mean that in more than one way.
Believe what you want, I know the truth.
I won't let anyone tell me, what to do.
We've got this heart and this is our view.
We'll put it into whatever we will do.
Track Name: raising dust

If you can’t find the words which you need
to express a unrest full of sorrow,
When you discern, when you regret your false decisions,
Remember the time when you laughed together.
We want to turn back the clock before
we’ll fret for our reckless deeds.
But remorse can knock us down. Remember that.
I still remember...
With every passed day I thought: “I’m to blame”.
I still can’t find the words of strain.
How we feel and what we want to be.
It's in our hands. Get real!
We waste our time with actions of the past,
Instead of learning from mistakes.
I wrote these lines to free my mind. Future's mine.
Track Name: carved names

We used to carve our names in trees,
while we declared our self-belief.
I just need that someone who lets me know,
“Come what may come, we see it through”.
Maybe we aren't remained the same,
but some things will never change.
It is just what we see in
the sky that makes us different.
Drowned and resurfaced.
Swallowed the bitter taste.
We have braved this storm.
Not chosen to conform.
With bright eyes and zeal of stone,
it felt like we owned the world.
Like there was no other home
and nothing could dim our sight.
But now, as the sun has set,
the moment fills my chest with joy.
I know, I'll be rewarded with a feeling from within.
All the abandon we used to shape,
keeps me warm from day to day.
And again I hear us sing,
“never conform to anything".
Because we're fucking free.